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Adding to our collective knowledge – a wiki adventure!


My first wiki edit… Complete with correctly inserted reference. A sober Friday night well spent!


Early labour

I love this woman! Another fantastic article. I particularily liked this quote:

“The woman has begun the birth process. She has her signal to seek a safe place – help her do this.”

Sums it up really


Updated: February 2018

This post is about early labour and the mixed messages women are given about this important part of the birthing process.

Defining the indefinable

The concept of ‘early’ or ‘latent’ labour emerged as a result of the birth process being broken down into stage and phases – the diagnosis of which relies on clinical assessments of contraction pattern and cervical dilatation. The notion of being able to determine the future progress of labour from such clinical assessments is not supported by research, yet it underpins maternity care. What research does show is that concepts of stages and phases of labour does not align with women’s perception and assessment of their own birth process (Gross et al. 2009; Dixon et al. 2012; Reed et al. 2016)

In addition ‘early’ is only ‘early’ with hindsight. At one point in time (the clinical diagnosis of…

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