Show solidarity with the Greek people and a fuck you to the capitalists.

While normal Greek people were going to work and raising their families, the minions of global economics were greedily playing with numbers. When a system exists to let individuals satisfy their pathological need to collect wealth, at the expense of common humanity, collapse is inevitable (or at least it seems that way looking back).image
We’re as much in the hands of this economic system as the Greek people, or the Spanish, or the Portuguese. Only luck decided we’d live in a country with a relatively strong economy (although there are sections of our population that have suffered under austerity measures, the situation in Greece is far worse and far more widespread)
It’s the people of Greece that need bailing out. And this crowdfunding attempt is already up and running. They idea of us all chipping in and doing something that the politicians and the bankers are too greedy to imagine, is worth €25 I think. I’m sure for some of you it would be easy to donate more.
It would be a miracal if the unconcievable amount of money was reached, but the worse that can happen is that your money is refunded and the people of Greece (and everywhere else) get to see that rest of us get how unfair the system.
Just click the link and paypal some euros to this idea. You don’t even have to more more than your thumb!


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