Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…

A beautiful friend who has found herself facing life as a divorcee and mum of two. It’s a common story, therefore utterly relatable to a lot of thirty-somethings. It can be a difficult path at times, but a worthwhile one in the end.

I hope this yank keeps us updated


So the husband and I have separated.  Some have said they saw it coming, others are still in disbelief and have expressed hope in a reconciliation.  I’m sorry to everyone, especially our two most incredible children.

thisisusmexico Back In the Day… 2001

Tonight I came across “I Don’t Want to Change You” by Damien Rice and it got me thinking of all the ways I changed, both good and otherwise, during my nearly 12 year marriage to my ex.  Upon further reflection, I can identify a couple of occasions during the early days of our relationship when my words and actions were openly compared to others, namely his ‘really nice’ ex-girlfriend.  As a American ex-pat with a desperate desire to fit in and make friends, I recognize these instances as when I began to change, when I began to cease being myself, when I began to slowly rot on the inside.

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