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On-line dating

I have a love-hate relationship with online dating. On the one hand, Its a good way to meet interesting people that otherwise would never come into my life, and I’m grateful for the handful of men I’ve spent time with. On the other hand, its pretty addictive and time consuming, I often spend days chatting to people and get little else done. And some of the sleazy messages and photos depress me and make me wonder whether it really has come to this. I usually spend a few days on it… met someone interesting, delete my profile and then a few weeks later set up a new one. I’ve been stuck in this cycle for the past year and I’m not convinced its healthy for me but I keep doing it anyway, mainly through boredom, loneliness and naive optimism.

This time round I decided to write my profile with a specific, but slightly tongue in cheek, list of what I’m looking for. I was hoping it would cut down the amount if completely unsuitable messages I get. Here’s a portion of my profile:

“I’m a confident, ambitious, enthusiastic, passionate and positive person. I have a happy, busy life; filled with love, laughter, music, poetry, studying, and working in a job I love. I’ve recently got into photography (ok well, instagram – but that counts, right?)

So what am I doing on here? Well initially just looking for someone fun, interesting and intelligent to hang out with, have a laugh and enjoy each others company. If that turns into more, great, if not then it’ll be a blast either way! 🙂

The man I want to spend time with has a degree, a job, a car, a beard, a love of books and an interest in the world. Good witty, intelligent conversations is the main requirement, anything else is a bonus!

If you have a masters, play the guitar, write poetry, grow a decent beard, read books, and can make a decent coffee I may just swoon at your feet like a Victorian heroine but don’t let that put you off 🙂

Interests: Summer days, Winter nights, Strong coffee, Festivals, Radio 4, Staying up all night, Rummaging through charity shops, meeting interesting people”

This morning I awoke to possibly the best on-line introduction I’ve ever received:

“I apologise for sending you the same generic, copy and paste chat up line I send to everyone else but it did seem astonishingly applicable in this case.

So confident and ambitious, with enthusiasm abound
An air filled with laughter, that’s her favourite sound
A face so sweet and innocent, that’s her favourite look
I wish she’d hold me and read me, like her favourite book

Oh, SaucyCleverClogs, please don’t think I’m weird
If I glue hair on my face, for I can’t grow a beard
And I’m not a big reader, though I do play guitar
And I don’t live in [hometown], but I’m not all that far

I may not be the one, who’ll make you Victorian swoon
But you only need ask and I’ll fetch you the moon
Not literally of course, because that can’t be done
But figuratively I’ll get you that, the stars and the sun

I’ll make you a coffee and one for me too
And if you prefer, I’ll make you a brew
I’ll stay up all night, listening to Radio 4
And when I fall asleep, I’ll try not to snore

I’ll accompany you, while you rummage through shops
And if you steal from them, I won’t call the cops
Even though I generally disapprove, of acts of crime and theft
I’d have everything I need, if you were all I had left

Oh SaucyCleverClogs, I assure you I’m not weird
But I’m gluing hair on my face right now, I know you’ll love my beard!”

Unfortunately his profile was pretty uninspiring and I would have just deleted the message had he sent the usual bland, insipid introduction. If nothing else it brightened up a dull Wednesday morning. I suppose he deserves a message back…